How it works?

With our online tool, you can request quotes for your bus and driver in minutes

It is super easy! Just fill out one form. The service has several different operators operating in various areas around Finland.

You can ask for offers for transport for groups of all sizes. We have minibusses, coaches, city buses, and even double-decker coaches. You can also specify your transport needs, such as possible flexible travel times or specific equipment requirements for the bus.

You can submit a request for a quote without registering. After receiving your request for a quote, the operators in your area will send their offers directly to your email.


Submit a request for a quote

Fill out the form to create a request for a quote in the system. Submitting a quote for the request is always free, with no hidden fees.


Wait for quotes

You will receive email replies to your request for a quote from companies in your area. Often, you will obtain the first quotes within an hour.


Compare & choose

Compare offers and read company reviews. Choose the operator
that best suits your needs
and enjoy your charter.

How is the price for bus transport set?

The price of a charter bus journey is determined by several factors, such as the departure location, time of the charter, length, and duration of the trip, and the number of passengers. In most cases, the operator may offer the cheapest price with the lowest cost of operating the route.

The operator’s prices may be influenced by factors such as the use of their fleet and their bus depot’s location. You may receive offers from operators in your area but also from operators in your destination area. To ensure that you receive as many offers as possible, it is recommended that you book your charter well in advance, at least one month before your departure date. Fewer offers may be available at the last minute, just before departure.

What types and sizes of buses are available?

If you’re interested in booking a bus charter for a group of more than nine people, we offer a variety of bus sizes to accommodate your needs. Our options range from minibusses with 14-21 seats to coaches with 49-62 seats, city buses with 40-60 seats, and even double-decker buses with around 80 seats.

Please remember that the equipment available on each bus may vary depending on the operator and the specific bus you book. However, coaches typically come with air conditioning, a microphone, large luggage compartments, seat belts (always present on coaches), and toilets. Newer buses may also have power sockets or USB sockets and a fridge.

Why should I use website?

Bus transportation can take up a significant part of the budget for organizations such as camp schools, sports clubs, or event organizers. Therefore, finding a provider that offers affordable prices is crucial.

By taking advantage of Omabussi and issuing a call for tenders, you can receive multiple offers tailored to your needs from various bus companies. This way, you can select the one that best suits your requirements based on factors such as price or the company’s reputation. Competitive tendering simplifies the selection process, making it faster and easier while ensuring that you get the best possible price.

Request quotes for charter services on! This way, you’ll always find the suitable transport for your needs – and save money, effort, and time!

How to book a bus?

Accept the offer by replying to the offer sent to you by email. You can contact the operator of your choice directly to make a reservation and to discuss any special requests you may have for the charter.