Learn how to save money on your charter bus by understanding the 7 factors that affect the price

Are you looking for affordable transportation for a group trip but unsure how to find the cheapest charter bus service? The cost of charter bus transportation can vary significantly based on factors such as the distance, time of day, and bus size and amenities. Therefore, comparing prices between different bus companies and carefully evaluating alternative charter bus options is essential. In this article, we will discuss seven criteria that affect the price of a charter bus and provide tips on saving money on your trip. Keep reading to learn how to get the best charter bus fare for your group’s needs.

1. The optimal group size is 16 or 49-57 people

One of the main factors influencing the cost of a charter is the number of people involved. If you have the ability to control the size of the group, it is advisable to try to fill the bus as much as possible. This will help to reduce the price per person. Typically, the cost of a minibus is slightly lower compared to a full-size charter bus. Therefore, smaller groups should opt for a minibus. Usually, minibusses are suitable for groups of 14 to 20 people, while large charter buses are suitable for groups of 49 to 60 people. An ideal group size would be 16 people (for a minibus) or 57 people (for a coach), whereas a less optimal group size would be 25 or 65 people.

2. Choose a destination nearby

The length of the journey significantly influences the cost of a charter. The longer the journey and the driver’s working time, the higher the charter cost. For day trips, the driver is often paid for the time you spend at your destination. It is essential to ensure that the day trip is at most 12 hours, as it may exceed the maximum working time of the driver, and two drivers may be required for the charter.

3. Travel off-season

The demand for chartered trips varies significantly throughout the year. During spring and early autumn, many schools, sports clubs, and companies organize charter trips so that you can get a more affordable fare from January to March or October to December. However, the demand for chartered trips is exceptionally high in April, May, June, August, and September. For a smoother and less crowded travel experience, it is advisable to travel between Monday and Thursday and avoid holidays and weekends, which are the busiest times for operators.

4. Favour weekdays

It’s best to travel on weekdays, specifically from Monday to Thursday, to take advantage of lower fares. Holidays and weekends are typically busy, so avoid them if possible.

5. Take into account the driver’s working and driving hours

The duration of your daily journey should be at most 12 hours, and the daily driving time should be at most 9 hours. By doing this, you will only need one driver for your trip, and the cost of hiring an additional driver will not increase the overall cost of the trip.

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