Group traveling: Rent a bus with a driver

Charter trips are a great way to travel when you’re planning a group trip. Whether it’s a company outing, a wedding party, or a weekend getaway with friends, charter buses can accommodate groups of all sizes, from an 8-seater charter taxi to a coach with more than 50 seats. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of charter buses and the different types of buses available for various needs. We’ll also take a look at pricing for charter services.

Charter trips and bus services

Charter trips are private transfers where you can hire a bus or minibus for your group trip. They are offered by several transport operators and bus companies throughout Finland. The largest supply of charter services is in major cities.

  • Helsinki: charter service offers a variety of transportation options, including charter buses, minibusses, and even karaoke buses.
  • Tampere: A coach service in Tampere is a popular option for business trips and school trips to Särkänniemi.
  • Turku: A charter service in Turku provides a comfortable and flexible way to discover the city.

Bus hire and prices

The cost of renting a bus depends on various factors such as the distance to be covered, the number of passengers, and the time of travel. Hiring a minibus is usually more economical than a bigger bus, but the latter is comparatively cheaper per passenger. Additional factors that may affect the price of a chartered journey include driver accommodation and holiday allowances. You can learn more about charter pricing by reading the information available here.

Select the right bus for your group size

At, you can find buses of all sizes, including minibusses, coaches, and double-decker buses. Our reliable partners operate throughout Finland.

  • Taxi (up to 8 people): This is a small and practical option for groups of up to 8. It is ideal for families or small workgroups. Taxis have comfortable seating, but they may have limited luggage space.
  • Minibus (12-21 people): The minibus is a slightly larger option than a taxi and is perfect for medium-sized groups. It can comfortably seat between 12 and 21 people and provides comfortable seating for longer journeys. However, the minibus may also have limited luggage space.
  • Coach (49-60 people): The coach suits large groups such as schoolchildren, sports clubs, or company trips. Tourist coaches often have 49-60 seats, air conditioning, toilets, and a spacious luggage area under the cabin. Coaches are perfect even for longer journeys as they offer a comfortable and spacious ride.

book a bus or coach and enjoy your trip

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